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We are your premier online store for outdoor, survival, and military accessories. In today's challenging times, marked by viruses, conflicts, and global uncertainty, many individuals have found themselves increasingly dependent on external factors. Our mission is to empower people and restore their independence.

We prioritize freedom above all else. We're not just in the business of selling products; we offer long-term investments that are designed to enhance your life. Our commitment to your satisfaction extends to our global shipping centers, ensuring the fastest possible delivery to our valued customers.

We take our responsibility to the environment seriously. Over 70% of the electricity we use for storage, forklifts, assembly lines, and other equipment comes from solar energy sources. Our ambitious goal is to transition to 100% solar energy by 2025.



Our service philosophy is based on three pillars.

The first pillar relates to our products, which are carefully selected and extensively tested in terms of quality.

Sustainability also plays an important role for us, we only sell products that add value in the long run. We do not offer products with a short service life! Our products are an investment!

Our second pillar is transparency. We openly communicate which materials we work with and ensure that our products are manufactured by producers who work under fair conditions.

The third pillar of our corporate philosophy is customer satisfaction.

We answer the questions of our customers, regardless of whether they refer specifically to the products (materials, ingredients, production sites, etc.) or also to general questions about payment methods, delivery or returns. We respond within 24 hours. We want customers who are satisfied! 

We hope that you have gained some insight now. Besides we would appreciate to welcome you soon as one of our customers.

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